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Mary Smith | Bookkeeper

mary smith bookkeeperMary is a bookkeeper at Chandler & Knowles. She has been with us since she began a temporary assignment in 2010 that led her to a permanent position.

Mary came to us with many years of experience. She has been working in the accounting field since she was 12 years-old and accompanying her mother, an accountant, to work. She found the work so interesting that she decided to work in the field professionally. Mary is very detail-oriented, organized, and loves solving problems.

Mary grew up in Tampa and moved to Texas in 1990. She has five children and 18 grandchildren.  She loves staying busy with her family and enjoys sewing and reading when she has time to relax.

Client Testimonials:

"Mary has been a gem to me. I could not have asked for a better somebody to work with daily.  And she goes above and beyond what would be normal expectation. She is urgent, responsive, knowledgeable and just a pleasure to work with when I am completely lost. And she tells me "what for" when I need that motherly guidance as well. I don't know about her other duties there, but what she is doing for me is done with real class and character. And I wouldn't say it if it wasn't a standout; and while everyone has been wonderful and patient with me. Mary conducts/orchestrates the collaborative uniquely exceptional."