Payroll Administration 

The hiring process is a demanding process for any owner, management group, or human resources department. Chandler & Knowles CPAs has a team of accounting experts that are available to work with clients in order to get new hires set up quickly within an efficient payroll system while making sure all old and new employees also get paid on time and in an orderly fashion. They can also easily establish wage garnishments, as is necessary, to make for a comfortable payroll schedule that works for both employee and employer.

Chandler & Knowles CPAs can look over all necessary tax documentation and set up a payroll processing plan that comes in handy during tax season for busy companies. All filings for local, state, and federal taxes can be done by Chandler & Knowles CPAs. This sort of help allows for business owners to stay focused on project management and job completion, while payroll administration and tax service are handled expertly by financial professionals at Chandler & Knowles CPAs.

Payroll Tracking for Paid Time Off

Chandler & Knowles CPAs can help with job productivity and employee evaluations through their payroll and new hire reporting services. These service functions give small businesses keen insight regarding job productivity, PTO/sick leave tracking, and payroll budget management. Chandler & Knowles CPAs have a well-established system for tracking paid time off that can be incorporated into a small business owner’s current work plan. Chandler & Knowles CPAs is also able to introduce a new paid time off tracking plan if one is not currently in place. A tracking plan will help decipher budget and productivity information for clients.

Managing the time off taken by one’s employees is a time-consuming process. There are many facets for time off that need to be evaluated in order for a company to be working to the fullest potential possible. The certified accountants at Chandler & Knowles CPAs have a strong background in tracking and organizing the different categories of an employee’s paid leave. They are know how to track and identify patterns of work behavior as it pertains to sick days, paid time off (PTO), accrued leave, non-sequential vacation days, and payouts for employees leaving the company with a paid leave balance.

Independent Subcontractors and Seasonal Labor Workers

Many small companies are in the midst of a hiring boom, which means they may need to recruit independent contractors or short-term labor workers for certain projects. These types of workers receive wages differently than paid employees, but still, require quite a bit of work and supervision when it comes to payroll and business accounting. Invoices, per diems, and other general expenses from subcontractors can be accurately handled and disbursed by Chandler & Knowles CPAs.

Chandler & Knowles CPAs is also familiar with insurance guidelines when it comes to securing subcontractors or casual labor workers. They have the ability to track down certificates of insurance for all contracted help as it applies to workers compensation and general liability, while also handling annual insurance audits that typically determine policy premiums based on payroll and subcontractor costs. The team of experts at Chandler & Knowles CPAs will adequately maintain payroll files for services rendered by all independent contractors working for their clients.

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