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Advanced Tax Planning

4 Myths About Business Owner Retirement Funding

When an entrepreneur builds a business, he or she usually builds the business around anything that gets them excited or lights a fire underneath them. It is important to be passionate about the business you are building because the passion will be a huge contributor to the success. When you are passionate and excited about…

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An Overview of the Benefits of Irrevocable Trusts

When making plans for the future of your estate, and who will benefit from your assets when you are gone, you will have several options available to you. A common option people choose is to establish an irrevocable trust. However, if you are unfamiliar with the complexities of the options you have when estate planning,…

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The Benefits of Estate Planning

Many people do not consider estate planning either because they believe it is only for the wealthy, or because it is not something they want to consider. While it may not be fun┬áto consider what will happen to your estate after you are gone, there are many reasons to consider estate planning, and many benefits…

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Facts about Irrevocable Trusts

A trust is an arrangement where the creator of the trust, or settlor, identifies a trustee to manage the assets of the trust for the benefit of one or more people known as the beneficiary or beneficiaries. A trust can be established after death pursuant to a will (known as a testamentary trust) or during…

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Basic Tax Planning Strategies [Video]

Learn more about how to save on taxes through these tax planning strategies. Video Transcript: Chad Chandler: There are many strategies around taking itemized versus standard deductions. Can you give us an example of one? Kristina Knowles: Absolutely. One tax planning strategy is to double up on your itemized deductions every other year. This is…

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