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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use a Full-Service CPA Firm

With relatively limited resources and time, small business owners often fall behind in financial and tax planning. Running the actual day-to-day business is hard enough and generally doesn’t allow owners to spend enough time preparing for taxes or creating streamlined financial systems. Even with these challenges, owners hesitate to outsource these duties thinking it would…

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How to Find a Good CPA [Video]

Finding a good CPA to work with can be a challenge and you may be looking for the wrong qualifications when making your final decision. If you are seeking help with your taxes, financial planning, small business or more, make sure you know what to look for to get the best services available. Find out the…

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When Do Businesses Need Buy-Sell Agreements

Buy-sell agreements are legal contracts used by business owners, most often for businesses with more than one owner. A buy-sell agreement is essentially an agreement between the owners that, upon the occurrence of a triggering event for one of the owners, the remaining owner(s) will buyout the shares of the owner with the triggering event. Buy-sell agreements…

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