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Risk Assessment

3 Areas Where Risk Management is Essential for Small Businesses

There are always risks involved with being in business; how owners manage these risks often determines their long-term sustainability and profitability. There are many factors to consider when assessing and guarding against these risks, thus, being proactive in managing them is wise. In an effort to help, let’s discuss 3 areas where risk management is…

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5 Benefits of Life Insurance

Do you ever imagine what can happen if you fall sick and have to spend thousands of dollars for treatment? Would you hold multiple fundraisers where only a handful of friends show up? In life, there are many uncertainties such as accidents, death, and illnesses that we face on a daily basis. As much as…

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Strategies for Effective Risk Management

Risk management is the processĀ of pinpointing possible risks, evaluating them, and highlighting them. It also involves laying down extenuation measures to minimize or even reduce the possibility of occurrence of such risks to zero. Such risks include potential financial crises, project investment failure, credit risks, natural disasters, accidents and deliberate external attacks. It is essential…

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