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About Chandler & Knowles CPAs

Those who never look, never find. The Chandler & Knowles team aims to be champions for our clients.

At the surface, we may provide tax preparation & planning services, alongside financial planning and forecasting, but provide so much more. We find opportunities - opportunities for our clients, opportunities for their families and opportunities for their businesses.

While money does not control happiness, it does have an impact on our everyday lives. And what many people do not realize is that they are giving money away. That money will mean different things for each client. For some, it’s a boost to their rainy day savings or support for a for a rare family vacation, while for others it could be the difference in planning their retirement or reinvesting in their business. Our team uncovers those opportunities to give you the financial freedom to reach new goals.

The Chandler & Knowles Way

You cannot change the past, but you can make the adjustments to create a better future. We partner with our clients to build that better future. While most certified public accountants focus on ‘rearview mirror accounting’ and only telling their clients what happened, we help our clients map out their financial futures to determine what will happen. Our process is simple:

  • Review Documents
  • Understand Goals
  • Map Out Framework
  • Find Opportunities
  • Save Money

With the use of the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (LEAP) model, we help better organize and document our clients’ financial lives. Look at it as a game board - this system divides all finances into Protection, Savings, and Growth categories, which makes it easier for our team to see how financial products fit together, discover opportunities for growth and evaluate risks.

Rochelle Chandler also co-created the Dynamic Wealth Builder process, a system of walking clients through all the options for their financial future in order to more clearly recognize opportunities and risks. Through LEAP, Dynamic Wealth Builder, and other financial management systems, our professionals at Chandler & Knowles CPAs strive to give our clients better control over all aspects of their financial world.

Life becomes complicated. Allow our team to simplify your finances and guide you to a newfound freedom.

How Can We Help?

Your situation is unique and should be treated as such. From the way you spend, to how you save, to what you invest in - it’s all apart of your story. When working with Chandler & Knowles, we help to create a happier ending.


Our team recognizes that most taxpayers pay too much in tax simply because they aren’t aware of opportunities for tax reduction. We help give you the clarity. Our team can identify these opportunities for tax savings and help our clients make better informed financial decisions.

"It isn’t until tax season we begin to worry about the finances that have already come and gone. That was our first mistake. With a family to support and a career to advance, it has never been a priority until it was too late. We were watching money leave our pockets and we allowed it - not because we wanted to, but simply because it was too late.

Chandler & Knowles opens your eyes to a brighter future. Rather than reacting to our past finances, the team invested in our growth and freedom. They showed us new opportunities for financial gain and gave us back the power over our financial state. For our family, that’s more money towards college savings. It’s new opportunities for our children. Not many people look at your family as if it were their own, but that’s what the Chandler & Knowles team is dedicated to."

As an individual, our team can assist with state and federal tax returns, as well as advanced strategies, including estate planning, tax-free retirement plans, and irrevocable trusts. Our team at Chandler & Knowles CPAs consistently stays up-to-date on complex and frequently-changing tax laws in order to maximize our clients’ savings. We also focus on long-term strategies to help identify opportunities for financial gain, so you can relax in the moment.


As businesses owners, you are wearing many hats. From management to operations and all that falls between, we become a member of your team. We give you the peace of mind when it comes to your finances and give you more hours in the day to grow your business.

"Just like any other business partnership, you must be strategic with who you associate with. Think of the members on your team. There are some people that do the job they are asked and leave as soon as their off the clock. That’s fine - that’s what they are paid for. But every once in a while, you find those superstars - the people who look at your business as if it were there own. They are dedicated to the success of the business and strive for continued growth. That is the partner you get in Chandler and Knowles.

Whether you are looking to expand the business or grow the team, Chandler & Knowles searches for the route to achieve those goals. Your success is our success."

When working with businesses, our full-service staff provides both day-to-day services, such as bookkeeping and payroll preparation, as well as more advanced services, including accounting system implementation, captive insurance company formation, and financial projections. We work to help businesses reduce liability and improve their asset protection. We become apart of your team and take on your goals as our own.

The History of the Firm

Chandler & Knowles is a full-service certified public accounting firm assisting individuals and business owners with tax preparation & planning, financial forecasting, and more. With an office located in Flower Mound, we can bring personal attention and a detail-oriented CPA approach to our many clients in the local and surrounding areas.

Our CPA firm was founded in 1996 by our managing partner & CPA Rochelle Chandler. Prior to opening the firm, Rochelle obtained her CPA license and spent ten years working in the accounting industry. In addition to holding a CPA license and having years of experience, she also holds an insurance license and is certified as a payroll professional.

CPA Kristina Knowles joined Rochelle at the firm in 2000. Knowles became a partner in 2007 and has been recognized as the Best CPA in Denton County for 2014 and 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2021. 

As Chandler & Knowles CPAs has grown, we have expanded our services to include financial planning and risk assessment in addition to our traditional accounting services. Get the business or personal financial support you need by visiting our team at our Flower Mound location or by contacting us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Meet Our Team


Melanee Knouse
Staff Accountant


Michael Ducharme
Bookkeeper & Payroll Specialist


Alyce Eyer
Bookkeeper & Payroll Specialist


Angela Crawford
Projects Analytics Coordinator

Mae Bradley
Director of Administration & Business Manager

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Brenda Hoyt-Stenovitch
Executive Assistant for Practice Development


Rylee Morris
Production Support Analyst


Camille Bradley
Advanced Planning Coordinator
Bookkeeping/Payroll Specialist

Certifications & Awards:

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