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Those who never look, never find. The Chandler & Knowles team aims to be champions for our clients by going beyond the services we offer and finding opportunities - opportunities for our clients, opportunities for their families and opportunities for their businesses.

Each client we partner with is a new opportunity to understand their unique situation and create a strategic plan to help reach their goals. Learn more about what our clients have to say.

client testimonials

Client Testimonials

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"Chandler & Knowles brings the thoroughness and professionalism of a large accounting firm while still maintaining the personal commitment to responsiveness needed by small businesses like mine. Thanks to Chandler & Knowles, I have more time to focus on building and running my business and no longer feel burdened by bookkeeping and financial tasks."

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“They continue to impress me with their strategic approach and the maximization of long-term value with my personal and business taxes. After 20+ years, I wholly trust them and know they are looking out for my long-term interests.”

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“They provided the information I needed to see in how my practice is growing, helping me determine growth opportunities…"

"I started working with Chandler & Knowles when I opened my optometrist practice in 2017. After attending an optometry conference, I learned about the need to utilize financial benchmarks to compare my practice with my peers. Based on these benchmarks, I could determine how my practice was doing and what areas I needed to adjust to be successful. I had the guidelines to follow, but did not know how to act, so I contacted Chandler & Knowles and shared the information I had learned from the conference. They worked quickly as a team to set up an easy to understand spreadsheet that broke down my financials, matching my profit and loss statement and balance statement.

Additionally, they educated me on what I was looking at and provided further analysis of the data based on the clinical benchmarks for my optometry practice. The accounting services and analysis Chandler & Knowles performed is critical for analysis of my practice against my peers. They provided the information I needed to see in how my practice is growing, helping me determine growth opportunities. I feel Chandler & Knowles is a part of my team as they are very personable and has my best interests in mind.”

“By handing off my accounting needs to Chandler & Knowles, I feel liberated and have the capacity to be more productive in my business.”

“The team at Chandler & Knowles takes a down to earth approach to explain how my business and personal taxes will impact me.”

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was appreciative of Chandler & Knowles approach and sage advice.”

Sylvie Broussard, Real Estate Broker, Broussard Realty

“We can attribute Chandler & Knowles to lessening the impact of our taxes and accelerating our retirement savings.”

"When I first met with Chandler & Knowles, I was paying taxes as a 1099 contractor. They took the time to understand my business and financial goals for the future, and established my LLC, which has been a very successful tax vehicle. As I am nearing my retirement age, the C&K staff has allowed our family to keep and save more of our money. Their helpful advice has lessened the impact of our taxes and helped fund additional income in our retirement savings. 

I am extremely impressed with Rochelle’s knowledge of tax accounting. She has command of her profession and usually knows the answer to questions off the top of her head, but if she does not know, she will research and promptly respond. Rochelle is our tax person who looks out for us and keeps our best interests in mind. She is excellent at her job, and we are incredibly grateful to have her in our corner.”

Leica Turner, Independent Court Reporter

“I like the new subscription billing model and the transparency and on-going review of our income situation and tax analysis..."

"As always, William is great and he handles our projects wonderfully and he's always reasonably available for a phone call if needed.  I like the new subscription billing model and the transparency and on-going review of our income situation and tax analysis that he offers.  It's so much better than flying blind and doing updates once or twice per year."

“Chandler & Knowles CPAs have been a true business partner and genuine asset to our organizations and staff.”

I needed someone to advise me on the best way to minimize taxes while building wealth.”

“If you are looking for someone interested in you and your specific financial health, talk to Chandler & Knowles.”

“In an era where customer service is a lost art, the team at Chandler & Knowles excels in providing superior service.”

“It feels more like a partnership than a contract company.”

“Chandler & Knowles provides impeccable personalized service.”

Case Studies

affluent business client case studies

Affluent Business Client Case Study

Starting a new business requires a solid plan and a team that can guide the efforts of the model. For some business owners, however, growth can happen overnight, and provide a substantial amount of wealth and new opportunities. Such was the case of our client in this tax case study, who was a new business owner who generated millions within a short time span.

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Stock Inheritance Case Study

Stock Inheritance Case Study

Financial investing comes with significant responsibility to ensure that all risks associated with the assets are examined closely. Following the unforeseen death of both parents, a client comes to Chandler & Knowles CPAs seeking financial expert guidance after inheriting a substantial amount in stock. While the financial gain was a benefit, the client was fully unaware that the asset inherited required specific reporting according to tax regulations

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Audit Prevention Case Study

Audit Prevention Case Study

When it comes your business, accurate accounting that protects your assets and the interest of your stakeholders is an essential step towards success. However, not all CPA services are created equal, and hiring the wrong person to handle this important aspect of business can have serious implications. A client comes to Chandler & Knowles after suspecting that the CPA they hired to handle their financials was not protecting the interests of their business.

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Family Inheritance Case Study

A family comes to Chandler & Knowles CPAs for financial planning assistance after acquiring a significant inheritance that presented various challenges. Our team at Chandler & Knowles CPAs was able to assess all investments and debt to find the best financial strategy that allocated the majority of the newly acquired wealth towards retirement and other funds. Along with financial planning, the family was advised on the best tax preparation and planning strategy in order to reduce penalties.

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& Charitable Giving Case Study

RMD & Charitable Giving Case Study

Planning for retirement takes strategic planning to help protect longtime investments and assets from tax penalties. Seeking guidance on how to save money for retirement, a family of three comes to Chandler & Knowles after the father, a former executive, receives a significant amount of money upon retirement. With a total of 2.2mm in an individual retirement account (IRA), the money acquired places the family in a higher-tax bracket and at risk facing a significant estate tax.

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Annuity Buyout Case Study

Annuity Buyout Case Study

A couple came to Chandler & Knowles CPAs seeking guidance after reaching a pivotal point on their journey to retirement. Unable to retire with the funds available in their accounts, the couple was faced with a huge financial decision to accept or reject a substantial annuity buyout from their insurance company.

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