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Accounting System Consultation, Implementation, & Training

There may have beaccountingen a time when your business accounting system was simple-- you cashed checks when others paid you, and you wrote checks when you paid others. But now, your business is growing, and you have employees, inventory, multiple vendors, and countless regulations – all of which must be carefully managed and balanced to keep your bottom line healthy and your business moving forward. If you have reached the point in your enterprise where single-entry bookkeeping is no longer viable, it may be time to make adjustments to your business accounting methods. Consulting firms, like the CPAs here at Chandler & Knowles, are the best place to start.

As accounting system consultants, the core of our work is to create and implement a business accounting system for you that is efficient and effective, helping you manage your books using processes that are tailored directly to what you do, how you guide your business, and your plans for the future.

The First Step: An Accounting System Consultation

When we meet with you, we listen to what you have to say, paying careful attention as we gather information about your business, its strengths and weaknesses, your current accounting system, and why you think it is time for a change.

Once we have this basic information, we will ask questions to learn specifics about your business, such as the number of employees, the volume of any inventory, any benefits you offer, and details of the financial state of your business. Based on this, we will make recommendations as to what options are available, how they can be scaled to your particular situation, and which ones will consistently deliver the details you need regarding your company’s financial state.

Accounting System Implementation

After the decision is made about which accounting system to use, the process of implementation begins. Our professional accounting consulting firm then creates a chart of your accounts (income, creditors, expenses, assets, etc.) and begin making entries into the database, along with relevant information for each in order for a comprehensive strategy to emerge. Once completed and processed, you will have an accurate picture of every facet of your business. Depending on your personal preferences, other components can be added: payroll services, benefits management, tax preparation, inventory tracking – whatever you think would be best for your business.

Accounting System Training

Once we have implemented a new accounting system, we make sure you and those you designate are fully trained in the system and how it operates. We can even train new hires on the system as the need arises. And, unlike other accounting consulting firms, we also provide ongoing support when questions arise or if there are problems. Even if no one in your firm has a background in bookkeeping or accounting, they will be able to use the system as if they were. We help with generating reports, monitoring system data to spot discrepancies that could cause problems, and guiding users as to what data is entered where-- anything that your team needs to function smoothly, making us the ideal small business support team.

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When we work with you as your accounting system consultant, all of our skills, years of experience, and expertise will be used to your advantage. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of all of our business consulting and financial planning services to help your company grow and prosper like never before. To learn more about the services we provide, call us today at (817) 430-3000 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our services. Live in the area? Though we work with clients all over, if you would like to speak with us in person you can schedule an appointment and visit either our Flower Mound or Addison, TX.


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"I recommend Chandler & Knowles CPA's without hesitation, and we look forward to working with Rochelle, Kristy and the rest of the C&K staff for another 7 years and beyond!"

~ Tony Rex, CEO of Medical Experts of Texas, P.A./Premier Inpatient Management Services, LLC

They are a great company to trust with all of your tax needs. They are good people and I enjoy my relationship with them. And it truly is a relationship, not just a service I use once a year.

~ Rick Schenck, UPS Business Owner

Great people. Effective. Efficient. Competent. Unlikely you would find a better, or even equal, CPA firm in the DFW Metroplex, and likely in the State.

~ Todd Benton

"The staff at Chandler & Knowles CPAs could not be better! They are always friendly, accommodating, and efficient. Their quick return/response time is greatly appreciated, as customer service is an uncommon practice during this day and time."

~ Tracy Richards

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