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Employee Benefit Services

employee benefits plan auditJust as competition for clients and customers is fierce and intense, requiring all of your skills and business acumen, so too is attracting and retaining the best people as employees. While the first thought of many business owners may be that this is simply a matter of salary, recent studies are shedding new light on the subject and bringing this stance into question; in one survey, for example, almost two-thirds of those asked said that an attractive benefits package is very important when considering a company, while only a third identified high base salary as such. Those numbers also held when asked about remaining with a company. Successful businesses have begun to embrace this and are actively seeking employee benefit consultants in order to provide a favorable package while remaining financially secure.

The Employee Benefits Labyrinth

Selecting the proper benefits package for your business can be a time-consuming affair when trying to sort through the countless plans, and miles of paperwork, options, obligations, and caveats. To ensure that the best program is selected, many businesses trust the skills and expertise of employee benefit consultants and seek to receive quality management services to guide them safely through the jungle of benefits and to create a customized package solution that meets the business and its employees needs.

Your Employee Benefit Advisor

As experienced employee benefits advisors, we are prepared to work closely with your business to craft a benefits package that serves your employees. Starting with an employee benefit plan audit, we complete a detailed analysis of what you are already offering, looking for areas of improvement and programs that are outdated. If you are not currently offering benefits, the audit will determine what type of benefits package will provide the your business with the greatest value. We also examine any employee benefits accounting practices that are in place, looking for performance issues or conditions that can create a financial drain. Once we have gathered the necessary data, we create a series of benefit package portfolios for you to examine.

The benefits we present and explain include:

  • Health and wellness plans
  • Fully funded, partially funded, or voluntary programs
  • Retirement benefits
  • Financial planning and money management services

Additional Benefit Services

In conjunction with formulating employee benefits programs, we monitor the employer marketplace, determining what benefits are being offered by others and provide these benchmarks to you so can remain competitive when searching for talent. We keep abreast of current laws and regulations to keep you in compliance and we use cost management best practices, such as targeting those plans and programs with the greatest tax savings, to keep the benefits package you select affordable in every aspect.

Employee Benefits Can Help Any Business

Employee benefits are not a luxury available only to large corporations. Small business owners can profit from them as well. Reduced costs, more qualified new hires, and retention of trained staff are all part of how our affordable employee benefit services can strengthen your business and your bottom line.

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