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Payroll Reporting Services

payroll reportingFor any business owner, the filling out and filing of payroll reports can quickly turn a good day into one of tedium and drudgery. And, if not performed exactly as demanded, with all deadlines met, the substantial penalties that can compound the aggravation of an already frustrating process. Instead of spending countless hours focused on such a time-consuming task, receive services from the professionals from Chandler & Knowles CPAs who specialize in providing payroll reporting services and relieve yourself of this process so you can direct your focus to the more pressing matters of your business.

Payroll Reporting Essentials

While payroll reports are, on the surface, a series of documents that detail the particulars of your payroll and payroll transactions (withholdings and taxes paid), each business entity has its own particular parameters that can complicate matters beyond the simple reporting of wages, salaries, and taxes. For example:

  • Do any employees receive tips?
  • Are all withholdings properly calculated, deducted, and reported?
  • Do you employ family members?
  • Have taxes been deposited?
  • Have voluntary contributions been recorded?
  • Are any employees subject to wage garnishment?
  • Have health care premiums been accounted for?
  • Are the correct forms being used?

This is just the start of the reporting complexities, and as a business becomes more diverse in its operations and employee structure, the regulations become more intricate. Not surprisingly, the responsibility is on the business owner to keep up with all legislation and make necessary adjustments when there are changes to the laws.

Why Engage Professionals for Your Payroll Reports?

Working with experts in payroll reporting is the best way to ensure that all of the information noted above is accurately recorded and filed on time with the appropriate agency. Because we here at Chandler & Knowles are licensed CPAs offering a full range of payroll services, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to keep you in complete compliance throughout the year.

Among the services we provide are:

  • Ensuring all employees are reported for.
  • Seeing that withholdings are accurate.
  • Filing reports on time (quarterly and annually).
  • Checking that family members, particularly those under 18, who are in your employ are recorded properly.
  • Monitoring compliance with the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act).
  • Maintaining reports and records for the required time period(s).
  • Using the correct forms for all federal and state reports.
  • Monitoring deposits of all state and federal taxes.

We also provide you with hard data and timely information that you can use to better control the financial aspects of your business, empowering you to make decisions that benefit your company.

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In addition to payroll reporting and administration, we also work closely with you in other areas of your business, building and supporting its financial health and, by extension, that of those working with and for you. By analyzing the basics of your business, we can assist you with tax preparation and planning, accounting services, risk assessment, and other services that provide a solid foundation to support its growth. Speak with a professional today by calling us at 817-430-3000 or filling out our online contact form to schedule your appointment at our office in  Flower Mound.

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