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As a business owner, you have a lot of big decisions to make every day, and processing payroll probably isn’t at the top of your mind. However, it’s not a task you can ignore, since your employees rely on getting paid on time. Let Chandler & Knowles CPAs handle your payroll administration so that you can be better prepared to manage your business efficiently. In addition to providing business accounting and tax preparation services, we are a full-service payroll firm that can keep your company’s payroll process running smoothly.

Our Payroll Services Include:

  • Complete Payroll Processing -- We work with you to set up a payroll processing schedule and get payments to your employees on time, whether you are using direct deposit or printed checks. We carefully track each payroll period for your records and make adjustments as necessary to reflect raises, commissions, new hires, and other changes.
    Learn more about our Complete Payroll Processing
  • Payroll Reporting -- At Chandler and Knowles, we track your payroll and ensure that you submit the proper reports to your employees, contractors, and the IRS. By handling your payroll reporting, we save you time and help you avoid costly errors.
    Learn more about our Payroll Reporting Services
  • Child Support/Garnishment Administration -- If you are legally required to garnish the wages of one or more of your employees for child support, student loans, or back taxes, we will calculate the appropriate deduction and factor it in when processing payroll. Working with us as a third party for wage garnishment administration can help keep your relationship with your employees professional and conflict-free.
    Learn more about our Payroll Garnishment Services
  • W-2 Production and Distribution -- We will produce and distribute W-2 forms to your employees ahead of the annual deadline. We can also help you file your employees’ W-2 forms with the IRS and state tax department so that your business meets all tax requirements.
    Learn more about our W2 Production and Distribution Services
  • New Hire Reporting -- Our small business payroll services extend to new hire reporting, meaning that we can assist you in accurately reporting information on new employees to the appropriate federal and state agencies. This service can be particularly beneficial if you experience a lot of turnover and regularly hire new employees.
    Learn more about our New Hire Reporting Services
  • Payroll Taxes and Filing for Federal, State, and Local -- Don’t get bogged down during tax season—let us handle your payroll so that all appropriate documents are submitted to the IRS on time. Working with a professional on your payroll taxes can help you remain in compliance and reduce the risk of being audited.
    Learn more about our Payroll Taxes and Filing Services
  • Vacation, Sick, or PTO Tracking -- If you offer your employees vacation and sick leave, we can set up an efficient system to track paid time off, minimizing headaches for managers and ensuring that employees are able to take off the time they have earned.
    Learn more about our Paid Time Off Tracking Services

Get Payroll Solutions from Chandler & Knowles

When you hire Chandler & Knowles CPAs to handle your payroll administration, you can rest easy knowing that you have an accounting professional keeping your payroll system on track and protecting your business from costly mistakes.

Call us or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our payroll services. You can also schedule an appointment and visit either our Flower Mound or Addison, TX if you would like to speak with us in person.

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Client Testimonials:

"I recommend Chandler & Knowles CPA's without hesitation, and we look forward to working with Rochelle, Kristy and the rest of the C&K staff for another 7 years and beyond!"

~ Tony Rex, CEO of Medical Experts of Texas, P.A./Premier Inpatient Management Services, LLC

They are a great company to trust with all of your tax needs. They are good people and I enjoy my relationship with them. And it truly is a relationship, not just a service I use once a year.

~ Rick Schenck, UPS Business Owner

Great people. Effective. Efficient. Competent. Unlikely you would find a better, or even equal, CPA firm in the DFW Metroplex, and likely in the State.

~ Todd Benton

"The staff at Chandler & Knowles CPAs could not be better! They are always friendly, accommodating, and efficient. Their quick return/response time is greatly appreciated, as customer service is an uncommon practice during this day and time."

~ Tracy Richards

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