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Small Business Accountants

small business cpaAs your small business grows, you’ll likely find yourself wanting an experienced certified public accountant on your side. Maybe you need advice about your company’s legal structure, or maybe you need someone to implement a better bookkeeping system. Maybe you no longer have time to handle payroll administration, or maybe you’re looking for tax planning strategies that will help you reduce your business’s tax burden. Whatever the case, our online CPA services for small businesses can provide the professional financial assistance you need.

Chandler & Knowles is a full-service accounting firm that helps small businesses with both day-to-day bookkeeping and payroll administration services as well as larger-scale financial planning for long-term success. We service nationwide but are located in Flower Mound, TX.

Financial Services for Small Businesses

Chandler & Knowles offers a full range of small business services, whether you are looking for a CPA to assist with tax preparation or you want a financial consultant to advise you throughout the year.

Tax Preparation for Small Businesses: Tax Preparation

As a small business owner, you can’t afford to make mistakes on your tax return—especially since even a seemingly small error could lead to a costly audit by the IRS. At Chandler & Knowles, we have extensive experience assisting with small business tax preparation, and we will make sure your tax season goes as smoothly as possible. Not only will we help you avoid errors, we’ll help you claim all the deductions for which you are eligible and find other legitimate ways to minimize your taxes.

Tax Preparation Services

Advanced Tax Planning for Businesses: 

If you only start thinking about your business taxes around the beginning of March, then you could be missing significant opportunities to reduce or eliminate taxes. Our small business CPA firm can work with you throughout the year to help you implement strategies to legally reduce taxable income, lower your tax rate, and claim all available tax credits.

Tax Planning Services

Cash Management and Forecasting for Small Businesses: cash flow analysis

Good cash flow management is essential to the survival of any small business, and if you don’t have a background in financial planning, it’s prudent to hire a certified public accountant to help. Chandler & Knowles can help you implement a system to better track the cash that goes in and out of your company, and we can use your historical and current financial data to come up with forecasts that will help you plan for a successful future.

Small Business Payroll:

Payroll administration can be time-consuming, and if you’re the person in your company currently handling this activity, you’re losing valuable time. By allowing Chandler & Knowles to handle the payroll for you small business, you’ll gain back more time to focus on running your company.

Payroll Administration Services

Small Business Consulting:

More and more frequently, small businesses are relying on their CPA firm to provide financial consulting in addition to bookkeeping and tax preparation services. Chandler & Knowles regularly serves as a consultant for small businesses, and we help our clients handle a wide range of financial decisions, from choosing insurance to restructuring their organization.

Business Consulting Services

Closely Held Businesses

Chandler & Knowles also provides CPA services for businesses that have outgrown the small business classification. If you’re the owner of a closely held business, our full-service accounting firm is ready to provide you with the services you require in order to gain financial success. Find out how we our experienced associates can help you today.

Looking for a CPA For Small Business?

Whether you need a financial professional to implement advanced tax planning strategies or to handle the day-to-day bookkeeping for your business, Chandler & Knowles can help. To set up an appointment at our Flower Mound office and learn more about our CPA services, fill out our contact form or give us a call today at (817) 430-3000.

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"Chandler & Knowles brings the thoroughness and professionalism of a large accounting firm while still maintaining the personal commitment to responsiveness needed by small businesses like mine. Thanks to Chandler & Knowles, I have more time to focus on building and running my business and no longer feel burdened by bookkeeping and financial tasks."

~ John Rex, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker & Forbes Contributor

“They continue to impress me with their strategic approach and the maximization of long-term value with my personal and business taxes. After 20+ years, I wholly trust them and know they are looking out for my long-term interests.”

~ Ronnie Morris, Franchise Owner, Express Employment Professionals

“The team at Chandler & Knowles takes a down to earth approach to explain how my business and personal taxes will impact me.”

~ Jamey Vanderwege, A Life Well Decorated

“If you are looking for someone interested in you and your specific financial health, talk to Chandler & Knowles.”

~ Tracy Richards, Business Owner