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How Pension Maximization Works for You

It’s not a new concept, though some retirees haven’t heard of it. But pension maximization is a viable option when it comes time to choose a payout method when one retires. Never heard of it? Read on to discover how pension max works for you. So how does pension max work? When a person is set to…

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Five Reasons You Might Not Bother with Life Insurance

Five Reasons You Might Not Bother with Life Insurance  Everyone talks about life insurance, right? But, maybe, it isn’t for everyone. You may have a good reason that life insurance just is not for you. First Reason: I am only 8-years-old, but I enjoy reading about finance. Excellent reason! Children, who are not adding to the family income, do not…

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Irrevocable Trusts: Living and Testamentary

A trust is a financial arrangement that allows a grantor (the creator of the trust) to transfer assets to a trustee (the manager of the trust) to hold for beneficiaries (the receivers of the assets). An irrevocable trust is, quite simply, a trust that cannot be changed or revoked once it is created. If you create an irrevocable living…

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